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Designing is our passion. We take pride in our work, just take a look.
P o r t f o l i o
Designing is what we do, 3D, 2D, and DMD...
3D Design
The Coy Project
Garage Addition, Huntington Beach, CA.
Brits Project
Ground Up Build, NC.
The Barn Project
Ground Up Build, 2 Story Barn, OR.
The Cloverdale Project
Addition, Kitched Design, Cloverdale, CA.
Walker Remodel
Tustin, CA. - Remodel and Redesign Existing House
The Extra Jobs
New Projects From All Over
The Main Building
75 Apartments / Mutable Kitchens & Baths Santa Monica, CA.
The Corey Builds
Green Home - Colorado - USA
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David Michael Designs
Drafting and Design
Contact Dave
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DMDesigns is devoted
to helping you get your project going.
If your looking to remodel, addition, ground up new build, and need plans, ideas and or a Construction Set - DMDesigns is here to help. Please feel free to contact Dave directly at:  me@davidmichaeldesigns.com. Or call me at: 949.701.9539. 
Addition & Remodel
Remodel and Addition in Newport Beach, CA.
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